Friday, 5 April 2013

Queen attacks Traitorous brother, Civil War declared

Continuing our story, Queen Madeline has made an attack on the base of communist leader and former prince, Samuel. After gathering supplies, our Beloved Queen made a solo mission into the traitor's room while he went to the kitchen. While he was away she crumbled some crisps into his sheets. She was planning on putting salt into his glass of water when he returned. After some brief, angry words, she threw the salt at his face and declared war on his faction, which now includes Princess Emily. Due to the late hour, the Princess Regent could not be contacted. Although it initially appeared that she would become the Eurypontid Queen, it appears more likely that a more military-minded monarch will be selected. This crisis is likely to bring forward the planned coronation of a new Eurypontid ruler, to help increase stability on the side of the loyalists.

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